Author of Biggest Mac Malware Attack to Date Uncovered?

Brian Krebs, internet security’s knight in shining armor has brought to light possible proof pointing out the creator of the Mac Flashback Trojan(OSX/FlshPlyr-A), the largest successful Mac malware to date. This ‘wonderful’ piece of software engineering infected more than 600,000 Macs last year, proving once and for all that Apple is not impervious to cyber attack. To Apple’s credit, it almost took effort on the part of the computer user to contract this infection, as several warning screens would appear that required click-through’s before the ‘fun’ began.

Mavook, the father of Mac Malware

To date, no arrests have been made in connection with the threat. Krebs was able to do some impressive detective work, perusing Russian forums inhabited by denizens of the digital underground, eventually following leads that brought him to ‘Mavook’, a.k.a. Maxim Selihanovich, a citizen of Mordovia. A proud father, Selihanovich claimed responsibility for the development of Flashback, boasting his specialization in finding exploits and creating botnets. His ‘children’ are like a bad rash.

Only time will tell if a case can be brought up with the evidence Krebs has brought up. Let’s hope this gets the gears moving.


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