“Siri, help me break into this iPhone.”

For those who chose to rely on the house that Steve Jobs built, you’re probably beginning to finally understand that even Apple isn’t impervious to security threats recently. iOS 6.1.3 was released earlier this week in response to a discovered breach displayed by some dextrous troublemakers granting them the ability to bypass the iPhone’s lock screen.

While Apple’s steadfast dedication to releasing an update\patch to remedy the situation is commendable, perhaps they should have let this one spend a little more time in the oven.  The newest entry in the Apple saga is credited to “videosdebarraquito”, a user dedicated to discovering bypass methods to break into iPhones.

Exploiting something that most IT professionals aren’t surprised about, he manipulates the iPhone’s option to voice dial, with a combination of voice commands and physically removing the SIM card at opportune moments. This process allows an intruder access to the device’s photo gallery and the ability to use the phone to make outgoing calls.

What was demonstrated with clarity was the fact that this bypass can only be done if the phone in question has the “Voice Dial” capability enabled. For those who utilize the ‘Siri’ feature(meaning everyone), you are vulnerable to this flaw.

Apple has yet to comment about this latest bump in the road.


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