North Korean Servers Under Fire From the US?

According to the Korean Central News Agency(KCNA), cyber attacks were carried out against internet servers for the Rodong Sinmun newspaper, Air Koryo airline and the KCNA. Russian news agency Iter-Tass has allegedly confirmed that a sophisticated attack had brought down the three mentioned servers. Rising tensions between North Korea and the United States continues to face increased strain as the KCNA decalres the attack both “cowardly and despicable”. This follows North Korea’s bold threat of a preemptive nuclear strike March 7th, which has resulted in a unanimous decision by the U.N. Security Council to expand its sanctions on North Korea. Such a move would seek to tighten financial restrictions on Pyongyang, cracking down on importing and exporting banned cargo in particular.

North Korea - Human Pixels

Since the disclosure of an investigation by Mandiant into the persistent breaches occurring  within US media outlets and military infrastructures, cyber espionage has taken a front seat on the world stage. US intelligence agencies have gone so far as to report that cyber attacks have officially overtaken terrorism as the top security threat facing the United States. As national security continues to be threatened both physically and digitally, the limits of North Korea’s attempts at a full scale nuclear program comes into question. Experts internationally feel confident that North Korea does not yet have the capacity for a nuclear strike that can reach the mainland of the US at this point in time. Gone are the days of wire taps and double agents, with practically every first world country armed with the technology to keep constant surveillance over each other that extends far beyond traditional spy tactics.


South Korea and the United States are currently conducting annual military drills until the end of April, closely watching North Korea’s activities, preparing for the worst– mere military exercises becoming actual attacks. Do you think that our technology has come far enough to be able to properly prevent a nuclear launch by an aggressor nation? If this fails, what about the ability to intercept an attack before it hits the mainland?



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