Technology @ Work: iPhone Thief Updates Status On Victim’s Device

200,000 or so years of evolution have brought us to the stage of evolution where we can properly document our Darwin Award winning ways. Case in point, the man responsible for stealing one Viviana Estrada’s iPhone this past week. The ‘scholar’ who remains unidentified at the time of this writing, approached Ms. Estrada and her uncle in the Bronx, NY and permanently borrowed her iPhone 4S. Sadly, none of this is surprising.

Recently, in what can only be described as ‘a very smart move’, the culprit posted images of himself smoking something very pungent on the victim’s Facebook account. How quaint to see that chivalry is not dead. NYPD Crimestoppers is encouraging anyone who recognizes a man with a sideways turned hat smoking what looks to be marijuana in the Bronx to contact them immediately. An open and shut case, we’d say.

A real smart move

Of course, this just wouldn’t be a Secure The World post without a moral to this story– although we can’t speak(happily) for the victim or the myriad of social dysfunctions he possesses, we can only chastise the Phone user for not properly securing their device. We here collectively hope that she didn’t have any other valuable pieces of information left unprotected for this guy to tap into(we know, we know– “but Facebook is INVALUABLE, mean internet blogger,”… sigh).

We do, however, have human kind’s breakthroughs in technology to thank for this rampant act of… humanity. Have a good Monday, everyone!


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