Anonymous Aims Their Sights at… Anglo American?!


…But it’s not what you’re thinking. Well, not exactly. Anglo American is the name of one of the world’s largest mining companies located in Britain, boasting the planet’s largest primary producer of platinum, among other ‘resources’ such as diamonds, copper, nickel & thermal coal. Beyond that, Anglo American’s press hasn’t been the cleanest, to say the least. Anonymous, meaning to bring their questionable business practices and moral choices to light, took over their homepage with a very potent message:

In the name of tribal leaders, whom you have offended, and the natives you have deported, in the name of the miners killed during a strike against your dirty company, in the name of nature that you consider as a source of gain: We curse you! We are Anonymous

Anglo American Platinum has applied for numerous gag orders against indigenous communities in South Africa who have suffered from Platinum mining on tribal lands a few years ago, culminating in two tribal chiefs even being shot, beaten and arrested for protests against mining presence on tribal lands. Communities were even displaced forcibly off their lands and into surrounding townships in order to profit from mining on their lands. Miners on strike were fired upon with rubber bullets by security forces in late 2012 causing injuries and even a few deaths.

Fund raisers following these atrocities with the intent of obtaining capital from those claiming to protect mining war-areas, recirculating the money with the purpose of better controlling public opinion as well as mining areas.

As a result of what Anonymous feels is a “great lie which sounds like the Nazi Propaganda of the 30s,” Anonymous has dumped Anglo American’s complete database online.

These hacks follow previous Operation Green Rights ‘shakedowns’, including the hack of Policia Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro(PMERJ) & The World Wildlife Fund(WWF).


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