Moneysoft– Err, Microsoft Fined $733 Million for Lying


The European Union Commission(EUC), the entity responsible for enforcing intergovernmental negotiated decisions throughout Europe, has fined Microsoft an estimated $733 million for breaking the terms of an earlier agreement decided upon in 2009 regarding a choice of internet browser on their operating systems. The 2009 settlement in particular forced Microsoft to pay a staggering $860 million in addition to promising to give Windows users the option of choosing another browser instead of having Internet Explorer(IE) automatically installed.

For those not inherently familiar with the inner workings of Internet Explorer, here’s a breakdown– running Internet Explorer is the equivalent of bringing a knife to a gunfight in terms of security. Easily breached, the majority of cyber attacks conducted are facilitated through Internet Explorer vulnerabilities which, at times, can be glaring. Options such as Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s heralded Chrome browser offer better security and faster browsing speeds, quickly eclipsing IE in terms of use. However, PC newbies and older computer users tend to stick with IE because it is readily available from the first time they fired up their shiny new(or slightly used) device.

With the 2009 settlement behind them, Microsoft made the mistake with 15 million installations of Windows 7 in Europe between May 2011 until July 2012. Microsoft acknowledged their grievous error and released an apology shortly thereafter, much to the chagrin of the EUC. Joaquin Almunia, the Union’s top regulator was quick to point out that this was the first time a company had failed to keep their word regarding negotiated settlements thus far. Let’s hope Microsoft gets the message this time.


For more information on how you can export your current Internet Explorer settings into a safer, more reliable web browser, visit the following links below or leave a question in the comments section.

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


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