America Takes the Spot of World Leader… in Relaying Spam

The United States leads by example, showing the rest of the world how to circulate approximately one-fifth of all global spam from the land of the red, white & blue. In order to better understand statistics such as these, you must take in consideration the reason for the numbers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that America devised the Spam in question, but rather, Americans are the most susceptible to phishing schemes. A large number of users are unknowingly spreading the spam when they open malicious attachments as well, contributing to our ‘well-deserved’ number one spot through the use of illegal¬†botnets.

Spam, courtesy of Hormel Foods

Spam, courtesy of Hormel Foods

The majority of computer users who experience performance issues when using Email clients need to consider the possibility of their Email falling victim to a cyber attack in order to disinfect the compromised system. Without a quick response, malicious software can rapidly spread throughout a network. And, let me stress this– your smartphones are very susceptible to infection as well now. If you are one of those raising your hand, exclaiming “But I have an iPhone!,” now would be a good time to put that hand back down. Most importantly, keep in mind that if you open one spam Email, you’ve pretty much marked a big bullseye on your Inbox. Surf safely!


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