Pro-Active Security Prevention: Apple Blocks Vulnerable Versions of Oracle’s Java

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A big pat-on-the-back to the company that Steve Job built this week, as Apple announces the blocking of older(and therefore vulnerable) versions of Oracle’s Java platform for their Safari web browser. The security update will initiate the block on the back-end in order to prevent hackers from successfully breaching a user’s system through multiple vulnerabilities that plague the obsolete versions.

Macs running OSX Mountain Lion, Lion & Snow Leopard will be receiving these updates. Adobe has confirmed that the specific vulnerabilities targeted involve persuading users to click on an infected .PDF file through Email. The means of infections are said to be Zero-Day vulnerabilities. This is not the first time Apple has taken steps to prevent its users from unknowingly walking into a trap, as they previously blocked the latest version of Java on recent versions of Mac OSX. Their steadfast responses to potential crises is something to be commended, as companies are increasingly becoming aware of the need to be proactive in their security efforts.


Microsoft— the ball is in your court, now.


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