Things are heating up! China says they’ve been continually hacked by US since last year



As more information surfaces regarding security firm Mandiant’s recent report on Chinese based cyberattacks on major US government entities, China has begun to step forward and release information detailing persistent cyberattacks based in the United States dating back at least one year. 144,000 times a month, a host of Chinese military sites were attacked on average.  As we’ve reported previously, this exchange of finger-pointing began heating up when a report was released detailing the US Commander in Chief’s new-found authority to launch preemptive cyber attacks against countries who pose a threat, even without a declaration of war.

Chinese officials have remained relatively tight-lipped in relation to the allegations, opting to simply say that the accusations are baseless. As of today, however, it would seem that the gloves are off. China, however, has not specified any entities from which these US-based attacks have originated from in contrast to Mandiant’s detailed findings. For example, reports state that the AP1 unit of China’s PLA(People’s Liberation Army) has stolen hundreds of Terabytes of data from approximately 141 organizations. China stands by their statement that Mandiant’s report had no “factual basis”. China has technically been under scrutiny for three years, dating back to Google’s “Operation Aurora” breach, aimed at the acquisition of sensitive business secrets. Combined with the four-month persistent attacks against The New York Times, relations have become understandably strained due to China’s nonchalance in relation to the news.

The most recent statement from the Chinese Defense Ministry asks US officials to both “explain and clarify” those same leaked documents detailing preemptive cyber attacks. As previously stated, those procedures mentioned are simply “not conducive to the joint efforts of the international community to enhance network security”. Those in the IT community see this situation as no surprise, as hacking efforts have been continuous worldwide for quite a number of years now. Politics have joined the fray now in this cauldron of hacktivists, patriots and idealists, bringing light to the darkness of Information Technology. Most are quite familiar with the phrase “Knowledge is power”, and now have the ‘priveledge’ of seeing that ideal in motion. Check back with Secure The World for information as it’s revealed.


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