Certainly not to be outdone, Microsoft contracts the java plague that breached Facebook & Apple

javaIt’s the gift that keeps on giving. Following a string of high-profile cyberattacks using Oracle’s very broken Java zero-day exploits, Microsoft admitted Friday afternoon that they, too, have become recipients of a now popular Java attack. At this time, Microsoft says they found no evidence confirming that any customer data was compromised as a result of the attack, which infected both Macs & PCs. True to Microsoft’s community nature, they will be cooperating with authorities and sharing pertinent information that may lead to an arrest of the culprits(if we’re lucky).

The infection was conracted by simply visiting an infected webpage using a browser which had Java enabled– despite adequate security measures. Java, which proudly boasts that it runs on over 3 billion devices, has been frantically working towards patching these exploits which have been increasing at an alarming rate as of lately.


Our zen advice of the day– if you don’t need java enabled in order to operate business on your device, now is the time to disable it. Not now, but right now.


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