Apple jealous of Facebook’s cyberattack; Gets even by getting the same malware infection

According to Reuters, the house that Steve Jobs built fell prey to the same zero-day Java exploit that befell Facebook just a month ago. Just as we explained when we broke the Facebook story, Apple Inc.’s employees received the same “benefits” that Facebook’s developers did by visiting a specific website for app developers. The high success rate of these attacks are due in part to a strategy known as a “watering hole attack”. Rather than a direct assault on these top tier companies(which, in difficulty, would rank up there with growing a new limb), hackers compromised a site frequented by both parties in an attempt to give them a parting gift they can spread with other employees.

To those still somehow on the fence about whether Apple products are ever going to be targeted by malware in a serious way, let this serve as a cautionary tale– Apple is very much on their radar. A staggering majority of Mac users don’t even have anti-virus/anti-malware software installed on their machines, content in the fact that often times a Mac user would have to voluntarily install malware in order to be in any danger. This is a false pretense, with confirmation in the form of this recent attack on Cupertino, California’s golden boys. Mac Users, do yourself a favor and install security software on your system, before the sky starts falling.

Image courtesy of Francesco "Imp0ssibl3" Ramazzotti

Image courtesy of Francesco “Imp0ssibl3” Ramazzotti


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