Another evolution in malware: Point-of-Sale malware attacks increasing in scope

Numaan Huq & Richard Wang of the always reputable SophosLabs spent some time tracking incidents of malware attacks on Point-of-Sale(PoS) equipment. As the malicious code evolves in its complexity, developers are able to sidestep certain standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry(PCI) and secure the Credit Card credentials they need to run additional transactions on your account. What it means for you right now is that a well placed malware will be able to extricate $75 per card swipe, which, over the course of 1,000,000 victims comes out to around $75 million dollars.

Such as the case with Ransomware, this method of attack aims at flying just below the radar, so to speak. A $75 transaction may not be caught by those too busy to spend time staring at their bank accounts constantly, racking up impressive numbers over time and providing an escape route, so to speak. Business owners have some food for thought with these developments, as the safety of their customers’ data is just as important as a smiling face to greet them at the door.

POS infected


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