Sony gets slapped on the wrist– almost two years later…

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The UK Information Commissioner’s Office(ICO) lead the charge against Sony this morning, finding them fiscally responsible for not maintaining an adequate enough security infrastructure for their Playstation Network which was unceremoniously hacked in April of 2011. For those that recall, Anonymous telegraphed their attack through a dialogue that reached Sony concerning the Playstation Network’s vulnerability. Fast forward to this morning and we find Sony being hit with a £250,000(about $333k) fine for breaching the Data Protection Act.

Across the pond in the US, security analysts were scrambling to find flaw within Sony’s management of their vidego game subscription service as it related to PCI standards. As of the time of this post, no ground has been concerning a breach of PCI standards. This serves as a very glaring example of the need for stricter standardization across the board for businesses handling sensitive customer information. Sony has since rebuilt the Playstation Network to better safeguard user data and prevent successful cyber attacks.

How heavily should we weigh accountability on big business in relation to their mismanagement of user data? As technology rapidly advances, the chances of falling victim to cyber attacks and identity theft dramatically increases. As much as we’d like to rely on security entities to maintain control of that aspect of our lives, it is unfortunately another burden we do have to be mindful of while juggling everything else in our modern lives. Being fully aware of the tech landscape and its current technological limits will empower you with the knowledge and foresight to stay one step ahead of those who would take advantage of you!



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