Security Alert: Zero-Day Internet Explorer Exploit!


Microsoft is to deliver a patch for its Internet Explorer after news spread of a Zero-Day Exploit. This is considered a CRITICAL update, which users should take very seriously. Such an exploit allows malware to take advantage by executing code even without your interaction at all, through the use of HTML, JavaScript and Flash. Microsoft created a temporary ‘Fix-It’ to combat the situation until the patch tomorrow, for those insistent on using Internet Explorer. As Paul Ducklin from Sophos pointed out, this vulnerability does not exist to IE 9 or 10, which should be all the more indication to those using legacy versions of Internet Explorer to evolve with the times. Very(and I mean very) soon, Microsoft will stop any sort of support for those programs, making it even more of a virtual minefield for those ‘brave’ enough to continue using it. You’ve been warned!


Alternative Browsers (both with better security measures than IE:


Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


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