Linux Arriving to the Tablet/Mobile Market This Year

Ubuntu seems to have an ace up their sleeve, putting a countdown timer to 1PM EST on their site. It comes as no surprise that Canonical has been developing a means to port Ubuntu to tablets since the Unity Interface debuted three years ago. Gears have since switched, pouring more resources and efforts into making Unity a ubiquitous interface on all hardware(Desktops, Netbooks & Tablets).

Fast forward to the last four months to find Canonical confirming(after a year spent incorporating touch functionality into Unity) that Linux will be brought to smartphones, tablets and smart Televisions.

Canonical has been hard at work wrapping their hands around the development of a singular Operating System(OS) able to run on a phone and supercomputer. As of the time of writing, no current OS does that without a stripped down, mobile-version of an OS. According to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu’s founder, the company has embraced this laborious task with astounding results which they are ready to unveil later today. Shuttleworth was even quoted as saying “Unity in 2013 will be all about mobile– bringing Ubuntu to phones and tablets.”



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