Foreshadowing with the Cloud: Netflix Fumes Over Service Outage Through The Holiday

Netflix Loading Screen

Approximately 27 million Netflix subscribers in the Americas had a hard time accessing their service this Christmas Eve due to an outage from Amazon Web Services(AWS), who rents out a portion of their datacenters to Netflix. The outage was said to have began at noon  in California Monday, making service unreliable until almost midnight. Ironically, there was no lapse in service in Amazon’s own online film division.

Netflix tried to smooth things out socially, and was thankful that their service resumed Christmas morning for those using their shiny new tablets and tech to access streaming video.

While this may seem minor to some, it represents on a micro-level the risks associated with being solely dependent on the almighty “Cloud”. For those not following, cloud based services now include web-based Email, digital publications and numerous other management softwares often managed solely by an IT department.

Many of the D-I-Y crowd have clamored around this innovation as it seems to provide more granular control of your everyday functions as a lower monthly fee, as opposed to buying servers and backup solutions with a high upfront charge. With the advent of Google’s effective internet-based apps like compatibility with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word docs for example), the pot seems that much sweeter.

It needs to be said, however, that relying solely on the cloud at this point in time may leave you open to considerable downtime ala Netflix without a contingency plan that goes beyond it. Depending on the size of your business/your need of services, a complete solution should be formulated. Let Secure The World create something unique to your strengths and weakness so you can reinforce your network and take you to the next level. Leave a comment for us!



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