Security Breach: Verizon Denies Any Breach Happening


Verizon continues to deny allegations of having a security vulnerability amidst claims by one hacker who says he was able to gain access to their root server July 12th of this year. Tibit, as she/he is called, even expressed the ease in which they were able to grab customer records due to a lack of encryption on sensitive files. As of the time of this writing, Tibit’s Twitter page was taken down. According to the hacker, 300,000 records were released to Pastebin, and Tibit did mention that he released what is believe to be only one specific region of Verizon’s network, and that it wouldn’t be necessary to release them all, although Verizon has vehemently denied any sort of breach or vulnerability since July. However, Verizon says that they have already warned the ‘potentially affected’ users in light of everything.

Tibit continues to maintain a stance of only trying to raise awareness, and is a supporter of the one and only Anonymous. So what do you make of this situation? Security vulnerabilities do come up from time to time; it is an inevitability. It is the responsibility of the company maintaining your records to be able to keep them private– this again raises the question of whether ¬†intervention from the State & Federal level regarding the loss of privacy is necessary as well. If you’re a Verizon customer, tell us how this makes you feel and what you would like Verizon to do when handling issues such as this!


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