Security Update: Java


Oracle releases update 10 for Java 7, equipped with security controls and timezone data this week. Enthusiasts are praising the new ability to enable/disable Java content in your browser, effectively eliminating a lot of the risk involved with the malicious use of Java.

Interestingly enough, some are finding a problem with Oracle’s continued use of security warnings and prompt which offers the option of updating out-of-date versions of Java, or simply blocking the app altogether. Developers sometimes have to walk a fine line with the updates they’d prefer to impose– some companies, for example, use programs that are only compatible with certain versions of Java. Until an update is pushed out for their proprietary program, it may not run at all with the new version of Java.

While security is paramount, this provides a bit of a disconnect between software and security loopholes. Knowing the capabilities of your software will greatly increase your chances of avoiding downtime. Always check with your IT about your applications to be in the know. Remember to keep updated with some of the most widely used apps on your system, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash & Java to efficiently minimize the risk of infection from outside sources while surfing the web.

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