UK spends more time staring at their Cellphones than any other country. Excuse me while I tweet about it…

British Flag Cellphones

Remind me to pay extra attention driving overseas, now. According to an Ofcom survey, the average UK mobile customer used 424 MB of data in December 2011. 40% of adult UK citizens use their phones to visit social networking sites as well, with 18-24 year olds at 62% — now I know why an increasing number of states in the US are forbidding teens to drive and use their cellphones. This survey highlights an interest trend with the UK leading the world when it comes to internet shopping while also accentuating our dependence on technology.  Retailers, coincidentally, are falling behind on the Cold War-esque tech race to keep them above customer expectations given the circumstances and statistics.


So where did the US rank among mobile data usage? Shockingly, sixth place with 319 MB. Then again, with 76.7% of households having a computer in the US(according to the United States Cenus Bureau), accessibility makes cellphone usage less of a sole option for online shopping or social networking.  If only we could cause a dip in the 1.3 million car crashes across the country caused by cell phone use!


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