Security Update: Ransomware creators arrested

Metropolitan Police have arrested 3 people in connection with a brand of ransomware known to professionals as Reveton on December 11th, according to a police report. We’ve discussed Reveton Ransomware at length in the past, as it is a problematic piece of malware that will lock you out of your computer and demand currency in order to release it. Accompanying the threats is usually verbiage that insinuates that you have copyrighted content on your page, guilting you into paying before the software alerts the appropriate authorities within 48 hours.


In a joint effort between the PCeU (Police Central e-Crime Unit) and the Staffordshire Police, officers raided three places yesterday connected with the attacks. A man & woman in their thirties were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud, money laundering  and possession of items for use in fraud. Another 26-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud as well.

Detective Inspector Jason Tunn of the PCeU stated “The arrests shows we are determined to combat this type of crime. I remind all computer users that police do not use such a method to impose or enforce fines, so if you are confronted by such a page do not enter any of your details.”



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