Apple takes new steps in the face of growing security concerns

Image courtesy of Francesco "Imp0ssibl3" Ramazzotti

Image courtesy of Francesco “Imp0ssibl3” Ramazzotti

Apple’s operating system security has been at the forefront of security debates for the last few years, notably when CEO Eugene  Kaspersky was quoted saying Apple is ten years behind on security. The MacOS and iOS have also seen their share of malicious software in 2012, prompting action by the conglomerate. Former Microsoft whitehat hacker Kristin Paget  has now joined the fold over at Apple, in an attempt to secure its platform.

Previously, Paget and her team were responsible for conducting penetration tests of Windows Vista in 2006. Her team was thorough enough to cause a delay in the release of the software which could have proved catastrophic(although Vista was a catastrophe in itself). With its soaring popularity and tight grip on the mobile market, Apple is finally starting to convert some computer users over to a cleaner, more user-friendly platform. All of that won’t mean anything, however, if they can’t proactively find ways to minimize threats and create a worry-free environment. As supply and demand dictates: As the demand increases, so do blackhat hacker’s interest in the platform as a whole. Hackers love challenges. This isn’t the first time Apple has employed a whitehat hacker, either. Several high profile jailbreak hackers were brought onto the team last year to combat the easily accessible jailbreaking process, with moderate success.

Those considering jumping to the house that Steve jobs built should seriously consider the security risks and learning curve associated with changing platforms. Small business owners should get a laptop and try to familiarize themselves with the system before anything else, and questions should be asked regarding networking before moving forward.


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