Facebook: Where Privacy is a ‘strong’ word.

December 10th will be your last chance to muster up the strength to double-click and vote regarding something you may not be aware of– Facebook rolling out a new data-use policy. More importantly, one in which Facebook users have absolutely no power over. Facebook is no stranger to controversy, being lambasted for using user profile pictures in their advertisements, luring others into clicking on ads under false pretenses. Petitions and groups have historically sprung up during times like these, commanding the attention of Facebook moderators, which has(most of the time) turned the wheels of change.

governance vote

This ‘Site Governance Vote’ will be the last time users will be able to directly affect the implementation process of data usage, if 30% of current active users vote. This is an astounding number of votes when you calculate the approximately 83 million fake accounts floating around. The majority of those who have voted at the time of this post(335,159) are siding with the existing data-use policy. That’s a mighty imposing bar graph to behold, until reality sets in. 30% of active accounts on Facebook equals 150 million votes. So, given that colorful statistic, we can now see the big picture– we’re about 200 thousand short of 1%.

The issue here relates to the sheer amount of private information that is constantly being funneled through these social networking sites, which(obviously) operate on the basis of sharing information. In the past, focus groups and polls were the modus operandi of marketing, finding ways to engage customers with offers and incentives. Now, companies can merely tap into Facebook, which is attempting to happily share as much about you as possible to big business, in order to bombard every page you come across on the internet. Getting spam Email is a hardship enough. Try to imagine what it will be like to see your picture plastered all over the internet on ads ranging from ‘enhancement’ pills to debt consolidation material– without your permission. Now, imagine trying to rally another 149,664,845 votes in order to prevent this. Vote today, or suffer the consequences!

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