Female Bank Robber Takes to Youtube for Braggin Rights…. Wrong Move


Hannah Sabata, Stromsburg, Nebraska’s crown jewel robbed a bank. In what can only be described as an effort to self-incriminate, Sabata then took to social media outlet Youtube and proceeded to provide every shred of evidence necessary to convict her.

Let’s run through the list of things she revealed:

– She stole a car (A Pontiac Grandam, which she mentions)

-The stack of money she stole as she fanned herself

-She explains in detail how she robbed the bank with a gun, a pillow case and a note

-Her child was taken away due to neglect, explained as the reason for her bank robbery

-The Grandam was ‘Shiny. SHINY!’

All of this compelling information with the addition of text messages sent to her ex-boyfriend inviting him out to get tattoos because she just got a  bunch of money and the “I love Hannah” wristband found where the stolen car was dumped has landed Sabata Class 2 & 3 felonies with a possible maximum sentence of 70 years. Her problems obviously stem from earlier life occurrences  but this is a shining example of how most of society uses social media as a soapbox for them to stand on, recounting their daily lives in an attempt to emulate their favorite famous personality. The more you put out there, the higher a chance of your information being spread– or, in this case, the higher a chance of you incriminating yourself utterly.



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