Security Alert! Prominent UN Agency Hacked

The U.N. Atomic Agency reported a breach to one of their old servers, according to International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) spokeswoman Gill Tudor, along with “some contact details” related to experts collaborating with the IAEA. The Hackers took to in order to bring light to Israel’s nuclear activities, calling for an investigation. Evergrowing tension in the Middle East fuels the fire, as this as-of-yet undeclared statment would make Isreal the Middle East’s sole nuclear-armed country. This comes on the heels of Iran seeking to develop nuclear weapon capabilities. The IAEA issued a statement discussing their technical security team’s continued investigation into the breach in  the hopes of curtailing such efforts in the future.


Cyber espionage is quickly taking center stage on the world platform, as the maneuverability granted to those who have access to a team of dedicated Black Hat Hackers proves to have a worthy ally. The more information being carried through carrier signals on a micro or macro network scale, the more targets for someone with something to gain. The IAEA did say that the information in question was from an ‘old server.’ While there is a chance that they are trying to deter further speculation, the validity of the information presented all depends on exactly how outdated this content is.


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