Security Alert! Go Daddy Vulnerability

Naked Security reports that several instances of malicious DNS(Domain Name Server) entries placed under their Domain names were affecting GoDaddy customers, allowing a “Cool Exploit” to be downloaded into systems as well as the now popular FBI Ransomware infections, which we touched briefly on here.

The last thing anyone wants to be responsible for is the transmission of malicious programs onto your consumer base. If you currently have webhosting with GoDaddy, try signing in to see if your password has expired. GoDaddy has released a statement saying that it has changed the password to prohibit future entry into the account through dishonest means. They also recommend enabling 2-Step Authentication for additional protection. Details can be found here.

Easily remember passwords are usually to blame for breaches similar to this. Remember to create a unique password for your GoDaddy account, with an emphasis on using varied characters and symbols, if available. The long term protection you’ll be affording yourself trumps how easily you can remember the password off hand. Besides– it’s a password, right? It’s not supposed to be simple!



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