IT spending in 2013: Is it safe to return to form?

As 2012 comes closer to an end, financial analysts have come forward with conflicting opinions about IT spending in the new year ahead. Gartner analysts predict spending to climb in 2013, under the pretense that both the US and European economies play their cards right and steer clear of any more financial woes. Their report predicted an increase of 2.5%($2.7 trillion) next year, with the Banking & Communication sectors leading the way. Spending had been cut in recent years primarily in Marketing & IT Departments in order to prepare for impending economic crises. This ‘cushioning’ is what Gartner says will allow companies to begin to increase their spending again. Additionally, the rise of espionage-level cyberattacks in the past two years are stark reminders that companies need to actively seek ways to minimize security breach opportunities without breaking their banks.

Interesting to note is the constant, sometimes sporadic changes that huge IT vendors are currently going through. IT providers who have dealt exclusively with large vendors are making transitions into Cloud services in an attempt to innovate before it’s too late. The major vendors in the playing field are stubbornly sticking to the same script and are more reluctant to adopt these new services, opting to rather up maintenance fees. This sort of behavior trickles down to IT providers and can adversely affect their business in a variety of ways.

One thing is for certain-  with the trend of cutting spending the past few years, it may be a rocky incline of spending for companies that haven’t managed to adequately stay with the times. Whether its the lack of support for businesses still utilizing Windows XP or determining whether Cloud-based services is a good investment for your company based on your specific needs- changes need to be implemented sooner rather than later to avoid additional downtime. Make sure that your IT provider is able to provide you with the pros and cons of cloud migration, its long-term affects on your IT spending budget, and be doubly sure to begin securing mobile devices as the majority of breaches start there.

Only through the proper implementation of an adaptable network combined with a healthy respect/fear/understanding of what can cause security breaches will businesses be able to transition through one of the biggest evolutions in technology to date. You can Email Secure The World at for more information and an assessment of your needs, as well as empowerment options.



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