Who is truly ready for Social Marketing?

Image Courtesy of online-social-networking.com

In the quest to drive sales through available media outlets, Social Technology usually falls into one of two strategic dispositions– either the Business hasn’t utilized the Social approach yet at all, or the Social approach has been poorly implemented and improperly maintained, rendering any chance of tracking ROI useless.  Many critics speak of a ‘disconnect’ that exists between a Brand and the allure of a system like Facebook, where they feel that tens of thousands of ‘likes’ will translate into revenue.

It is important to keep in mind that this ‘Social Technology’ is still relatively in its infancy, with a wealth of opportunities yet to be utilized correctly. Just as in any other form of media, spending money on real estate and placement of Ads doesn’t necessarily yield a profit without a unique offer or insight to engage your market. In a study of approximately 1,200 businesses conducted by IBM, only 22% of those businesses felt management was ready for the implementation of some of these Social Technologies into their daily routine. The need for proper education concerning Social Media in its entirety– the advantages, sacrifices, dangers and opportunities — is crucial in the pursuit of using this newly tapped reservoir of possibilities. Should this sway you further from considering its use? Absolutely not. You simply need to understand the nuances.

Social Networking should be maintained by a select few individuals that can maintain their corporate identity while also ensuring that any current public information (Your private Facebook Account counts!) is a reflection of how you want the professionals within your organization to be perceived. If updating from the office, Social Media should be worked on from one system on an individual network that is well protected from your internal network, minimizing the chances that a Facebook trojan or other Social malware makes its way into your assets. Having company phones with apps that will allow you to update blogs is a great idea, as long as that phone is well protected and has a fail safe that will erase its contents should the phone be lost. Remember, all a hacker needs is a breadcrumb to follow!

While Social networking is by no means an easy endeavor, proper time invested in its multi-layered design can mean the difference between an ordinary business and a powerhouse that maintains ‘omnipresence’ on the web.  Social Technology can bring light to philanthropic efforts, provide valuable customer feedback sessions, create opportunities to offer Exclusive deals, and yes, even track ROI – without breaking your Marketing budget. Next year, Social Technologies are only going to continue its upward rise in popularity. A social presence on the web today means a step ahead tomorrow. To understand more about how Social Technology can improve your business, this article is a good start.



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