Windows 8: Welcome to the Malware Arena!

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In this corner we have the newest major remake of the Windows mobile platform, sporting SecureBoot technology and native 128-bit Bitlocker encryption. At the ripe age of 15 days young, Windows 8 is the product of hundreds of developers and world reknowned engineering experts. In this corner, we have the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Application Developer(MCAD) who earned that distinction at the age of seven–  he is 16 years old at the time of this post. At an intimidating 115 lbs., Shantanu Gawde has already documented his success in building a malware application that utilizes Microsoft Kinect’s Gesture Recognition technology, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Little details have surfaced regarding the method of intrusion used by Gawde’s malware– he plans to reveal the logistics of his prowess at the Malcon Security Conference in New Dehli, India, later this month. Perhaps the child prodigy has developed a new Expoit kit that specifically relates to Windows 8’s new architecture, or merely exploits a Zero-Day vulnerability that Microsoft is currently unaware of. All that is certain is that a breach this early on after the initial release of the mobile platform will keep Microsoft more than busy releasing patches and playing ‘catch up’.

Windows Mobile sits at about 3rd most popular smartphone OS worldwide, and can’t afford any bad press about their newest release, so expect experts to perform in depth analyses of penetration statistics for current and newly developed malware to help  uncover any glaring vulnerabilities.

Should this stray you away from the Windows 8 Mobile platform completely? I wouldn’t bet on it. For those considering the switch to Windows 8 Mobile Enterprise solutions, I would merely perform a litmus test and speak to your rep about just what they plan to do to combat such a problem. It may just be a matter of letting the situation pan out before jumping to any conclusions.

What do you personally think of Windows as a mobile platform? Share your thoughts here.


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