‘Ransomware’ is the new flavor of the month

If you aren’t already familiar, millions of computer users are experienced a ‘computer lockdown’, courtesy of the increasingly popularity of ‘Ransomware’, a type of Malware that holds your system hostage while demanding a ransom to release files. Experts are predicting a trend that replaces the once popular ‘Scareware’ wave of that past few years. Both Ransomware and Scareware take advantage of the security vulnerabilities of Adobe Flash and Oracle Java, making the need for constant updates imperative for users.

Ransomware normally manifests itself in front of the user as a full-screen notification from your local law enforcement, informing you that your system has been blocked due to  its involvement in illegal activities, and offers ways to make a fine payment in order to drop the block. The payments are normally dispersed between hundreds of foreign bank accounts or the accounts of other victims  who then forward the money again to hackers’ accounts unknowingly. As you can imagine, tracking down the one’s responsible is an arduous task in itself. Anyone who has made the mistake of paying should contact their Bank immediately and request a ‘stop payment’, stating cybercrime/fraud as the reason.


If you fall victim to Ransomware, Contact your IT Department as soon as possible to search the network for any breaches as well as infection removal, if a Malware Technician is available. You can contact Secure The World as well by responding to a post and an expert can assist you further.


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