Security Alert:

A supposed Zero-Day vulnerability has apparently been discovered by Group-IB, A cybercrime investigation company out of Russia, earlier this morning. This exploit affects Adobe Reader X and XI which is included in a new modified version of the Blackhole-Exploit Kit , which is a popular way of opening your computer to a number of different Trojan worms. Specifically, this allows criminals to run code beyond the sandbox feature, which is a part of the more recent iterations of Adobe Reader.

This threat at the moment only affects Windows versions of Acrobat and occurs when the user closes their web browser. Keeping your software is of the utmost importance in today’s digital age, but it comes with a caveat – some updates will render other software on your system unusable if it is not compatible. Most of us do not have the time to read release notes for every new update for our software, and the lapse of time between updates can often cause the biggest vulnerabilities in your security ecosystem. Once Adobe does confirm the presence of this Zero-Day vulnerability, a patch will be be issued out to update your software.  In the meantime, it is suggested that you browse the web with caution, and try to avoid random sites with multiple pop-up windows, as malicious code is often dispersed in this way.



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