How the cloud prepares for Mother Nature

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While most of either watched on the news or fortified their homes in preparations for Mother Nature’s worst the past 30 days, Data Centers up and down the East Coast of the US initiated emergency protocols in order to miminize downtime for their operations as well as the downtime for the tens of thousands of clients they provide for. Many small to mid-sized businesses rely on Data Centers to hose their web apps and operations as they are much better suited for situations such as this.

Verizon’s Terremark unit was put into action last week as Superstorm Sandy (then Hurricane Sandy) approached Miami, FL. It’s success in dealing with the natural disaster was then duplicated and implemented up the eastern seaboard as the Superstorm made it’s way towards the Northeast. The Huffington Post, Gawker and Buzzfeed experienced downtime as a result of generators located in the basement that were damaged heavily by the flood waters. While a contingency plan was set in place, several crucial factors were neglected in the face of cost effectiveness. Some business learned very costly lessons as a result of this storm. Having information stored in multiple locations is crucial when ensuring the safety of your business’ digital assets. Amazon learned a costly lesson when severe thunderstorms last year caused a massive power outage which negatively impacted Netflix as well as Amazon’s Web Service.

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Data Centers themselves must also be able to provide a safe structure for its personnel to be able to work effectively around the clock, with food and fuel to last for weeks, if necessary. All around, proactive measures must be taken well in advance in order to protect your investments, both physically and digitally. Web-based companies need to have a secondary site available on a different server in order to offset whatever Mother Nature throws at you!


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