South Carolina Faces Grievous Security Breach

Image courtesy of Robert Morris University (RESNET)Millions of residents are coming to grips with a myriad of doubts after a recent attack on the Department of Revenue yielded 3.6 million Social Security numbers and close to 400,000 credit card numbers earlier this month. The ‘recovery’ efforts have proven to be a messy process at best, as offers of a year of credit & identity theft protection at the state’s expense were hampered by unreliable Toll-Free numbers and unreasonable wait times. Governor Nikki Hailey took matters into her own hands this Monday when she released the code used to enroll in the program.
Recently, state and federal government entities have been falling victim to an increasing number of D-I-Y hackers testing their skills on various levels of encryption. Even though the Social Security Administration encrypts Social Security numbers, this level of safety doesn’t always trickle down to state-run organizations, like the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Secure The World encourages those concerned about the safety of their financial records to write to their local state representative about maintaining a high level of security to slow down hackers enough so that monitoring software can react in enough time to stop these cyber attacks.

Information regarding Experian’s Identity Theft and Credit Protection solutions can be found here. Those looking to delve further into Identity Protection should look into Lifelock as well. Proactively fortifying your existing Security infrastructure will best combat any direct cyber attacks against your Business network by discouraging lower level hacks. Subscribe to this blog for additional information that will keep you protected in the future.


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