Mozilla races to fix serious flaw in new version

Mozilla recently issued an emergency update ( in order to address a ‘LocationObject’ and ‘CheckURL’ vulnerability that leaves it open to some pretty serious security breaches. Successfully manipulating this flaw would allow code execution and cross site scripting, which is starting point for most Malware. This is Mozilla’s third version update in a month since implementing version 16. This update affects Thunderbird and Seamonkey, for those utilizing some of Mozilla’s other utilities.

Keeping your internet browser is of the utmost importance as the majority of cyber attacks exploit a variety of vulnerabilities left behind by obselete versions of your favorite software. The rat race of updates can sometimes be an arduous task to keep up with. We recommend changing settings to automatically update your internet browser and popular plug ins(i.e. Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java), unless you use specialized third party software. Knowing your software will allow you to make the determination as to whether it will be compatible with new versions instantly, or whether it is better to wait for a compatibility message from the developer.


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