The Synergy of Social IT At Your Fingertips.

Website Launch March 2013!

Secure The World is an initiative founded by two seasoned professionals in the IT Network Security field who have seen the need for a change in the way IT Security is approached. One is a 20 year IT Networking veteran who has been creating and maintaining a wide variety of infrastructures ranging from small office networks to multi-site professional offices with seamless connectivity and top-notch support. The other is a Malware Removal Expert with over 12 years of IT management and training experience, having collaborated with some of the most prominent Malware Researchers in the United States. Together, they aim to change the landscape of how IT Network Security is approached forever. Building a first-of-its-kind ‘Social IT Center’, this website will serve as a hub for the empowerment and advancement of business owners looking for proactive solutions to security threats in their IT infrastructure. Our trademark ‘Secure The World IT Solutions'(an industry first) and a host of managed IT services were developed with a bigger goal in mind—to serve as an extension of your business, minimizing downtime while simultaneously empowering employees.

So… Why Secure The World?

The past 15 years have seen incredible advances in the way we interact with just about everything around us in the world. People from all over the planet are now connected and able to communicate instantly with one another. Each innovation has gotten us one step closer to complete integration. We can plan flights, wire money, control our televisions and track our finances through our phones. We can use our cars to make phone calls, give us directions or plan a night out at a fancy restaurant. We have achieved almost complete control of our lives at our fingertips– something we only read about in science fiction novels as children. Our daily routines can all be automated, and the majority of us have begun taking advantage of this development as well. It is, quite simply, a great time to be alive.

What this also means is that consumers are jumping at the latest trend/advancement without knowing how it affects them under the surface, and Big Business is not letting them in on this knowledge.  Even the most seemingly harmless apps, for example, can have access to your Legal Name, Email, geological Location and Financial information… and we don’t even know who is creating them! Think about that the next time you run credit cards through your phone!

Every bit of personal and private information about you, your business assets, your family and loved ones are there for the taking. Just as our technology advances at a rapid rate, so do the staggering number of attempted security breaches. Kaspersky Labs, one of the world leaders in Internet and Mobile Security, had their website hacked three times in two years—and in 2010, hackers were even going so far as to replacing their product with a malicious infection that looked like their legitimate software! Also in 2010, iTunes experienced a breach where over 400 Emails were phished and used to purchase apps in the iTunes store, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sony’s PlayStation was the center of attention in 2011 after their Playstation Network was hacked into by a group known only as ‘Anonymous’, just to prove a point – no one is safe in the digital age. Consider the following statement:

“There’s no such thing as 100% security, and there’s no such thing as 100% control. The really serious breaches are caused by people doing silly things, people exposing confidential data inadvertently onto a mobile device which is then lost. So you want to try to manage those risks.” 

–          Chris Potter, PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC) Information Security Partner

Not only are outside attacks compromising security on all levels of business, but users within companies are inadvertently leaking information at alarming rates as well.

“75% of large organizations and 61% of small businesses allow staff to use smart phones and tablets to connect to their corporate systems. “

82% of large organizations reported security breaches caused by staff, including 47% who lost or leaked confidential information.”

-infosecurity magazine

One of the most alarming pieces of information pertaining to internal IT Security breaches comes from Businesses’ lack of initiative when it comes to dynamically fortifying defenses:

Based on a survey of 103 U.S. and 24 European cloud computing providers, it found that a majority did not view security of their services as a competitive advantage, and believed that security was their customers’ responsibility, not theirs.

–          Study released by CA Technologies & Ponemon Institute ( 04.2011)

“Today’s ever-evolving Web and age of advanced persistent threats are spelling an end to static defenses focused on inbound known threats. In addition, surging trends such as consumer apps and cloud computing, social networking, plus mobility are redefining the perimeter and making real-time contextual defenses a requirement.”

–          Websense

Casual gamers, security companies and mobile devices are equally falling victim to exploitation by an increasing number of hackers and deviants. The past 5 years have seen the emergence of espionage level threats in the Middle East as well. There are no limits as to how far certain people will go for personal gains in a society that can be run from behind a screen halfway across the globe. Researchers have spent years trying to prevent breaches of this magnitude, creating organizations dedicated to tracking down breaches as soon as they occur. As you can see, it’s not as simple as just knowing who the culprit is—every week it’s somebody new from someplace else. So how can we stay safe in an ever-evolving web age?

Over two decades of combined experience in the IT Security field have given Secure the World the ability to effectively address these evolving issues regarding current & future security infrastructures. By implementing the first truly social IT service solution, Secure The World will both protect and empower Businesses with the missing pieces of the IT Security ‘puzzle.’ Filling security gaps and educating employees on how to avoid the pitfalls that expose millions of users is our top priority, and is absolutely essential in combating the above mentioned array of threats. Our content will serve to keep you ahead of the curve and in front of trends so you can adequately prepare for any situation and minimize your downtime, allowing you to focus on what matters – YOUR business.


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