A New Avenue… To Hack.

Charlie Miller, a hacker who’s claim to fame involves his prowess with Apple products, has discovered a way to hack into an Apple laptop battery amd shut it down remotely. Okay, so he isn’t quite at the level of making it into a ticking time bomb, but… give it time.

apple laptop battery

According to CNN, Miller was able to use a general Apple password to access the firmware on the laptop, effectively giving him the ability to manipulate the battery. Miller also mentioned how easily Apple products can be manipulated, contrary to popular belief. Unfortunately(or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Apple has been able to permeate an aura of accessibility and ease-of-use due to its creative Ad campaigns and pleasing graphical user interfaces, that cleverly hide any deep customization options on their systems. While this seems inviting, it paints a picture of a platform that is further behind on security than previously thought.  Now under scrutiny, individuals like Charlie Miller will become more prevalent over the coming months and years as they test the boundaries of available operating systems and firmware. In the meantime… make sure that Macbook doesn’t get too hot!


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